Inclusion is work. Let's tackle it together.

An adhesive tape and a note holder are on the desk. They are decorated with glitter and stones and were created for Saphir at a workshop for children.Adhesive tape and note holder from a children's workshop

Adhesive tape and note holder from a children's workshop

Photographer: Manuel Castellote

We need to talk about inclusion and we should do it in such a way that inclusion becomes a reality. The step from initial awareness-raising to personal and organizational change is particularly critical. The motivation that arises from raising awareness should be used in a targeted manner. To this end, interested parties must be given specific recommendations for action and the necessary tools to implement them. Developing these in a participatory manner is the next step. Let's take it together.

My offer

Inclusion requires action.

  • Conception of internal and public workshops
  • Moderation of internal and public workshops

My approach

Context Matters

Basically, we conceptualize workshops together so that we can achieve your goals and generate impact. I support you in defining inclusion goals and bindingly determining the desired results. The procedure would be as follows:

  1. Context clarification: In which areas and at which levels do you want to achieve inclusion and with which goal?
  2. Definition of involved parties: roles, tasks, resources and relation to inclusion
  3. Clarification of the specific content of the workshops
  4. Question of sustainability: How should the information and knowledge obtained be followed up afterwards?

Your benefit

Doing inclusion work together.

  • Raising awareness about representation
  • Inputs and concrete next steps on topics in my specialist areas and focal points of inclusion
  • Workshop leadership from three perspectives: expertise from self-advocacy, inclusion expertise and communication expertise
  • I would also be happy to accompany you further in the process and refer you to my network as required.