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A picture of Saphir Ben Dakon, she is laughing and looking directly into the camera. She is wearing her golden glasses and a black sweater with vertical white stripes.Saphir Ben Dakon in Berne

Saphir Ben Dakon in Berne

Photographer: Manuel Castellote

My beginning

I was born and grew up in the Höngg district of Zurich, where I am still rooted to this day. And that has nothing to do with the city's famous wine trenches - I don't like drinking wine or coffee, but I love tea all the more. On a regular working day, I like to drink two liters. I also read a book during my breaks. I always alternate between tea and books. That works well, because I have over 1,500 books. I don't have quite as many tea varieties to choose from.

This could be the beginning of a boring story, but it's not.

My enthusiasm

I was confronted with the first things that would later inspire me in my everyday work at an early age. In action from the very first second, so to speak. Born with a disability, I was included in my family right from the start. Ten years after this successful inclusion at the latest, I became aware of this:

  1. Inclusion depends on the context and outside the context of "family" I was confronted with many disabilities.
  2. Inclusion is an abstract concept and you have to communicate the message to specific target groups using the right tools.

Well, at the age of ten, I didn't know the above words. I got to know them later in my Bachelor's degree in Corporate Communications. But I already understood intuitively back then: inclusion only works through communication and only if it overcomes obstacles and goes beyond the aspect of raising awareness.

In addition, the topic of inclusion must be emancipated from the personal in order to do justice to the claim of inclusion. So I became interested in the social, organizational and personal levels of inclusion.

The beginning of the story is important, but it's what happens next that is interesting.

My commitment

I wanted something to develop from my enthusiasm for the intersectional topics of communication and inclusion. Above all, I wanted to help write the history of disability equality. To this day, many things that affect people with disabilities are decided without them. This leads to a poor basis for decision-making and poor end results for everyone involved in a project. When I started my involvement, my aim was to bring the perspectives of people with disabilities into various contexts and to work to ensure that they are heard. I firmly believe that we can only tackle cross-cutting issues such as inclusion together as a society. It takes all of us.

All the protagonists in a story are important for it to come to a meaningful conclusion.

My profile

As I have not yet reached the end of my professional career, I am continuing to write my own personal story. To help you get to know me a little better as the protagonist, here is a brief profile of my career.

  • Intercultural communication
  • Integrated communication
  • Inclusion
  • Project management
  • Concept development
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration with a specialization in New Business
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) ZFH in Business Communications
  • Training as a businesswoman with vocational baccalaureate (profile M) specializing in services and administration

Master's thesis: Diffusion of professional service robotics to compensate for functional limitations and loss of function on the Swiss market, grade 6

Bachelor's thesis: Gender-specific differences in the integration of people with a physical disability into the first labor market, grade 5.9

Awarded the Ethics Prize (1st place) of the Catholic Church of the Canton of Zurich

  • Traveling to live intercultural dialogue
  • Reading to gain different perspectives
  • Politics and economics to understand motives and motivation
  • Courses on to broaden horizons

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