How a system shapes life with and without disabilities.

No two lives are the same, all people are individual. However, what influences all people, with and without disabilities, is ableism.

What is ableism?

There is no clear definition of ableism, neither in science nor among equality experts. What is certain, however, is that it involves images in the mind of people about life with disabilities that do not correspond to reality. These images are used to convey attitudes, but also to legitimize them.

The systemic component of this collective attitude also leads to the reproduction of ableist structures in society and its institutions. In addition, they are constantly communicated via culture and language. This has an impact on all areas of life and on organizational and personal interactions with people with disabilities. You and your organizations are therefore affected. It is your issue, so to speak.

Understanding Ableism

Show connections

In order to recognize ableism, one must understand the images that exist in the mind of people about disabilities. It is also necessary to realize that it is not only one's own images that shape the overall picture of life with disabilities, but also systemic attitudes. The scope for action regarding the reproduction of derivative attitudes must be understood. I support you in this by:

  • Putting the term disability in the right context
  • Defining ableism in different contexts
  • Show levels and forms of ableism using everyday examples from all areas of life

Let's bring order to a complex system together.


Recognizing Ableism

Giving examples

As soon as the main features of ableism have been understood, reflection on one's own attitude and discriminatory actions begins. I support you in this applied thinking process.


  • We look at examples of ableist statements together.
  • I will show you ways to reformulate ableist statements.
  • In this step, individual examples will also be placed in a systemic context.
  • Visual language will also be examined.
  • Examining the combination and interdependencies between text, spoken language and images together.

Getting to know thought patterns in application.

Countering and preventing ableism

With full awareness of the positive and negative forms of discrimination, you can become aware of how to counter them. With my support, you will learn;


  • How simple changes in behavior can reduce ableism and prevent it over time.
  • What organizational measures need to be taken to structurally remove the breeding ground for ableism.
  • How the prevention of ableism can be institutionalized.

I am at your disposal for an expert discussion. You can visit my blog at any time to keep up to date with exciting inputs on the subject.