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Opening of Disability Rights Action Days

The article shows impressions of the opening event of the Disability Rights Action Days. One focus of the interviews is the discrimination and lack of inclusion of people with disabilities in the education market. Tatjana Binggeli (Swiss Federation of the Deaf) and I for agile describe the situation from the perspective of the people with disabilities we were able to represent at this event.

The picture shows Saphir Ben Dakon and Sara Staub. The image appears in the branding of the podcast. It shows a blue table with a glass on it. The background is red.Podcast Stammtisch

Podcast Stammtisch

Source: Reflab und reformiert.

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Reflab and Reformed regulars' table

Saphir Ben Dakon: Inclusion starts with language

I was a guest at the podcast Stammtisch with Sarah Staub. The Stammtisch is a podcast by Reflab and reformiert.

We talked about disabilities and barriers as part of the action days. Find out in the podcast why the word disability is inclusive. Hear about the topic of ableism and classify the term with us. Sara and I shed light on the topic from the perspective of people who are affected themselves. A perspective that is far too rarely taken into account.

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Morning guest SRF from 15.05.2024

Interview with Saphir Ben Dakon

The national Disability Rights Action Days of Zukunft Inklusion started on 15.05.2024. In this context, I was a morning guest on SRF - Swiss Radio and Television.

I was asked the following questions:

▪ What are your experiences on public transport?
▪ What do you want from society?

The campaign days are about raising awareness among the general public about the realities of life and the rights of people with disabilities. So it's not about me, but about systemic discrimination (ableism) against people with disabilities.

In the spirit of this awareness-raising, it is important for me to mention that Agile is not a disability organization, but the Swiss umbrella organization of self-help and self-representation organizations for people with disabilities. In contrast, disability organizations are not founded by people with disabilities and are not run by them. Self-advocacy organizations mean that people with disabilities stand up for their rights themselves and participate in and manage all levels of the organization.

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Tagesanzeiger Disability rights in Zurich

Interview with Anja Reichenbach and Saphir Ben Dakon

Many people ask me why the Disability Rights Action Days are needed. Well, the short answer is because neither the Disability Equality Act nor the UN CRPD have been implemented. But also because many people are not yet aware of the realities of life for people with disabilities.

Evelin Meierhofer from Reporter:innen ohne Barrieren interviewed Anja Reichenbach and myself and the article was published in the Tages-Anzeiger.

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RSI Telegiornale

Contribution to the opening event of the Disability Rights Action Days in Zurich

Have you thought about improving your Italian lately? The Ticino Television report on the Disability Rights Action Days
Disability Rights by Zukunft Inklusion is the perfect opportunity to do so. A number of people have their say and provide interesting insights. I was allowed to represent Agile in the report and discussed the challenges of including people with disabilities on a meta-level.

The topic of inclusion also includes linguistic inclusion. Switzerland's linguistic diversity is unique.

In this context, I would also like to draw attention to Switzerland's three sign languages. You can find out more about sign languages at the Swiss Federation of the Deaf SGB-FSS:, which is run by Dr. Tatjana Binggeli. It is high time that sign languages were also recognized as official national languages. In fact, they are the mother tongue of 20,000 people in Switzerland.

Saphir Ben Dakon is slightly turned away from the camera. She laughs.The front cover of the field report

The front cover of the field report

Photographer: Louis Hosali

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Ableism and gender

I am Sapphire

As a board member of Agile - The Organizations of People with Disabilities, I am actively involved in the fight against ableism. As an expert in inclusive communication, I am constantly working on the latest findings on non-discriminatory language. My particular focus is on intersectionality and multidimensional discrimination. The living situation of women with disabilities in Switzerland is an important and under-discussed topic. I have therefore written an article for Agile that addresses the topics of ableism and sexism. I also give those affected tips on how to deal with ableism. To do this, I not only use my inclusion expertise, but also my own expertise as a woman with disabilities.

I wish you an exciting read!

My door mat has the shape of a sunflower

Welcome to my website

This first blog is about a door mat. It doesn't say much about the contents of the apartment. Nevertheless, it can silently tell us a few things about the residents. I will do this here in a few more words so that you know what you can expect from this blog in the future.


Radio Kunterbund - Program on the topic of discrimination

Interview with Saphir Ben Dakon

Radio Kunderbund, a program on the Bernese radio station RaBe, interviewed me on the subject of discrimination. My statements can be found below in writing and in audio. The interview starts at 5:15.

I would like to thank Alex and the whole team for the invitation!

The picture shows Saphir Ben Dakon. She is standing outside in the snow and laughing into the camera.Saphir Ben Dakon giving an interview

Saphir Ben Dakon giving an interview

Source: Pro Infirmis

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Rally on Helvetiaplatz in Zurich to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Interview with Saphir Ben Dakon

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In 2023, a rally was held on Helvetiaplatz to mark the occasion. Pro Infirmis interviewed me on the fringes of the event. I pointed out that inclusion is a specialist area, just like sustainability, the fight against poverty or racism. So it's not just a hobby. In order to be able to pursue inclusion, specialist expertise, a holistic view of the topic and cooperation are important.

You can find out what it takes and what everyone can do to make inclusion a reality in the interview.

The picture shows the screen at the entrance to the event. The logo of the Canton of Zurich, Directorate of Justice of the Interior. The title of the event can also be read..Community Forum 2023 - UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Implementation in the municipalities

Community Forum 2023 - UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Implementation in the municipalities

Photographer: Samuel Schalch

Self-determined lifeInputs

Community Forum 2023 - UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Implementation in the municipalities

Speech Saphir Ben Dakon

As part of the Community Forum 2023, I gave a speech on the topic of "Barriers and their impact on the lives of people with disabilities". The speech was about visible and invisible barriers. The aim was to make these perceptible to the population as a whole and to show those responsible in the municipalities how they can take action by defining three basic attitudes that still prevent inclusion today and presenting the topic based on these widespread attitudes.

In order to also address the topic visually, I disappeared behind a visible barrier while listing the obstacles. This was then removed again when the solutions were explained. This made it possible to recognize the effect of inclusion and the importance of one's own scope for action.

Are you also interested in such an input? I look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy reading!