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A picture of Saphir Ben Dakon looking sideways into the camera and laughing. She is opening a door. She is wearing her golden glasses, a dark blue blouse and a matching dark blue blazer.Saphir Ben Dakon in Zurich

Saphir Ben Dakon in Zurich

Photographer: Manuel Castellote

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Already taken place

Successful reintegration / June 12, 2024

Discussion of research results with two activists for the equality of people with disabilities

The results of the project "Partial and reintegration as an individual case?" by Federica Hofer, project manager at the Institute for Diversity and Inclusive Education at the Lucerne University of Teacher Education, will be presented. The focus is on conditions for success and barriers in reintegration processes. The results will be critically discussed with two activists for the equality of people with disabilities - Saphir Ben Dakon and Jahn Graf. Saphir Ben Dakon is a transformation manager and communication and inclusion expert. Jahn Graf is a presenter and podcaster. Both are committed to equality for people with disabilities. At the event, they will contribute their perspectives on the project results as former pupils with special educational needs who have received inclusive and separate education.

If you are a parent of a child with special educational needs, a (prospective) teacher, a special needs teacher, a school principal or an activist for the equality of people with disabilities and/or interested in the topic of reintegration, then take part in our campaign!

The public is also cordially invited to ask questions on the topic of reintegration or the transition from special school to mainstream school. There will be opportunities to exchange ideas and network at the drinks reception afterwards.

Further information can be found here.

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Saphir as a guest at Sebit Aargau / June 07, 2024

Speech on the UN CRPD

At the Sebit Aargau summer party, Saphir Ben Dakon will give a speech on the status of the UN CRPD in Switzerland. The speech will begin at around 19:00. Participation in the summer party is free of charge. Please register via this link.

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Providing Digital Accessibility - Task, Implementation, Expectations / June 06, 2024

Panel discussion as part of the Disability Rights Action Days organized by Zukunft Inklusion

In a panel discussion, the participants will explain the options for meeting all requirements. The subsequent drinks reception will provide an opportunity for lively discussions and networking.

Accessibility can be challenging: In app and web projects, there are many demands that all need to be reconciled. We focus on these different perspectives and needs. The wishes and requirements of the client, the challenges of development and technology and the needs of the users all have their place. Can all these aspects be brought together?

In addition to Saphir Ben Dakon, Arnold Goran from the Apple School, Roland Jaggi, Project Manager ETH Tours App, Esther Buchmueller, Head of the Competence Center for Accessibility and Inclusion at SBB, Stefan Reinhard, Bitforge and Pascal Hostettler, Bitfore will also be represented on the podium.

The event will be moderated by Helena Trachsel. She will shed light on how to deal with the tasks, implementations and expectations in digital accessibility.

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Guide "Migration and Disability" / May 31, 2024

Discussion about self-determination and equal opportunities for people with disabilities and migrant backgrounds

As part of the Future Inclusion Action Days, we would also like to draw attention to the topic of intersectionality. To this end, the Parandalo Center is organizing various events on the topic of migration and disability.

Parandalo is the competence center for advice, support, information and mediation for people with a migration background.

This expertise will soon be available in writing in the form of a guide that will make Parandalo's experience and expertise available to other agencies.

Valdete Hoti, coordinator of the Parandalo Center, and Saphir Ben Dakon discuss self-determination and equal opportunities for people with disabilities and migrant backgrounds. They will be asking the following question: How can we ensure that people with a migration background and disabilities are aware of their rights and fulfill their obligations?

Come and find out on Thursday, May 31, 2024, 18:30-20:30 at GZ Oerlikon, Gubelstrasse 10, 8050 Zurich.

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SEBE launch: Stakeholders in dialog / May 30, 2024

A campaign as part of the Disability Rights Action Days 2024

Saphir Ben Dakon is organizing and moderating a panel discussion on the new self-determination law in the canton of Zurich together with the canton of Zurich, SEBE clarification office. The aim of the discussion is to bring all those affected into a dialog.

Together with you, the audience, we would like to discuss the SEBE launch. What does self-determination and participation mean in everyday life? What opportunities does SEBE offer? How should SEBE develop further? To this end, we are inviting people with different opinions on SEBE. The social welfare office and the SEBE clarification office will also be represented.


  • Barrier-free access
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Simple language
  • Sign language
  • Hearing system
  • Descriptive moderation

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Inclusion Action Day in Kloten / May 25, 2024

Speech on the UN CRPD

The city of Kloten is home to around 22,000 people from over 120 different nations. These include young and old people with and without disabilities.

Together with various partners, the city shows how important it is to include all people and what offers are available in Kloten.
At 1 p.m., City Councillor Regula Kaeser-Stöckli welcomes people to the town square.

This will be followed by a presentation by transformation manager, communications and inclusion expert Saphir Ben Dakon, who will explain the importance of the UN CRPD in relation to inclusion and highlight the role of municipalities and the civilian population.

Bernhard Krauss, Head of the Disability Rights Coordination Office of the Canton of Zurich, will also give a presentation. Visitors can learn more about inclusion and experience a change of perspective at various stands.

The event lasts until 4 pm and takes place in all weathers. Further information can be found here.

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InkluVision: Shaping the future together / May 23, 2024

A campaign as part of the Disability Rights Action Days 2024

On May 23, the Debattierhaus Karl der Grosse in Zurich will open the festival "InkluVision: Shaping the future together", which is taking place as part of the National Disability Rights Action Days. For three days, the Debattierhaus will focus on the topic of inclusion and Article 8 of the UN CRPD, which aims to raise awareness throughout society. The focus will be on the areas of work, family and leisure.

A panel discussion on the topic of inclusion in Switzerland will take place on the opening evening. Saphir Ben Dakon will take part as a guest.

Further information on the opening evening and the festival can be found here.

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Strengthening networks, enabling inclusive education / March 20, 2024

A solution in times of skills shortages?

Saphir Ben Dakon will give an input presentation on "Overcoming systemic obstacles - the influence of ableism on educational biographies and career choices" at the Integras conference on special needs education.

The aim of the presentation is to find answers to the following questions:

- How does the discourse surrounding the skills shortage affect children and young people with disabilities and their educational biographies?

- What systemic obstacles exist for people with disabilities in the education and labor market?

- How can networks support education professionals and how should such networks be structured?

There will also be a panel discussion on the topic of "Strengthening networks in times of skills shortages" with Saphir Ben Dakon as one of the guests.

Location: Eventfabrik Bern Service AG
Von Roll, Fabrikstrasse 12, 3012 Bern