About me

A picture of Saphir Ben Dakon, she is laughing and looking directly into the camera. She is wearing her golden glasses and a black sweater with vertical white stripes.Saphir Ben Dakon in Berne

Saphir Ben Dakon in Berne

Photographer: Manuel Castellote


Would you like to get to know me better? Let's meet for a cup of tea.

Alternatively, you can find on this page what I would say in a small talk.

A picture of Saphir Ben Dakon looking sideways into the camera and laughing. She is opening a door. She is wearing her golden glasses, a dark blue blouse and a matching dark blue blazer.Saphir Ben Dakon in Zurich

Saphir Ben Dakon in Zurich

Photographer: Manuel Castellote


You want to see me in action? Then come and see me.

Not all doors are always open to you, but mine usually are.