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Contribution to the opening event of the Disability Rights Action Days in Zurich

Have you thought about improving your Italian lately? The Ticino Television report on the Disability Rights Action Days
Disability Rights by Zukunft Inklusion is the perfect opportunity to do so. A number of people have their say and provide interesting insights. I was allowed to represent Agile in the report and discussed the challenges of including people with disabilities on a meta-level.

The topic of inclusion also includes linguistic inclusion. Switzerland's linguistic diversity is unique.

In this context, I would also like to draw attention to Switzerland's three sign languages. You can find out more about sign languages at the Swiss Federation of the Deaf SGB-FSS:, which is run by Dr. Tatjana Binggeli. It is high time that sign languages were also recognized as official national languages. In fact, they are the mother tongue of 20,000 people in Switzerland.