Podcast AND generation tandem

"Inclusive coexistence: how can we succeed?"

On July 21, 2023, I was a guest at UND Generationentandem. Together with Manuela Kocher, Irene Stüssi and Christof Trachsel, I discussed inclusion. The term is used in an inflationary way these days without people understanding what it actually means. As presenter Rebekka Flotron aptly says at the beginning of the podcast: "A large proportion of the approximately 1.7 million people with disabilities in Switzerland live in a parallel world. They attend other schools, live in other places and live in other apartments." Find out in the 1.5-hour podcast what inclusion really means, where there is still a need for discussion and where we finally need to stop talking and start doing.

Saphir Ben Dakon speaks at the generation tandem. There is also a laptop in the picture. Her name, age 28 and board memberships are shown at the bottom.Saphir Ben Dakon on the UND Generationtandem podcast

Saphir Ben Dakon on the UND Generationtandem podcast

Source:  UND Generationentandem