My door mat has the shape of a sunflower

Welcome to my website

This first blog is about a door mat. It doesn't say much about the contents of the apartment. Nevertheless, it can silently tell us a few things about the residents. I will do this here in a few more words so that you know what you can expect from this blog in the future.

In the future I will publish the following articles here:

  • Thoughts on my specialist topics, impulses for the future
  • Thoughts on intersecting topics such as technology and disability or disability in intercultural exchange
  • Comments on current developments in my field
  • Lessons learned from my daily work
  • Announcements about my publications
  • Transcripts of public inputs and speeches
  • Links to public panel discussions on inclusion topics

You are welcome to drop by again and again.

New articles are published on the last Monday of each month. Set your alarm clock for tea time (between 4.00 and 5.00 pm), at least you will be provided with intellectual nourishment.

Kind regards

Saphir Ben Dakon