Morning guest SRF from 15.05.2024

Interview with Saphir Ben Dakon

The national Disability Rights Action Days of Zukunft Inklusion started on 15.05.2024. In this context, I was a morning guest on SRF - Swiss Radio and Television.

I was asked the following questions:

▪ What are your experiences on public transport?
▪ What do you want from society?

The campaign days are about raising awareness among the general public about the realities of life and the rights of people with disabilities. So it's not about me, but about systemic discrimination (ableism) against people with disabilities.

In the spirit of this awareness-raising, it is important for me to mention that Agile is not a disability organization, but the Swiss umbrella organization of self-help and self-representation organizations for people with disabilities. In contrast, disability organizations are not founded by people with disabilities and are not run by them. Self-advocacy organizations mean that people with disabilities stand up for their rights themselves and participate in and manage all levels of the organization.