Ableism and gender

I am Sapphire

As a board member of Agile - The Organizations of People with Disabilities, I am actively involved in the fight against ableism. As an expert in inclusive communication, I am constantly working on the latest findings on non-discriminatory language. My particular focus is on intersectionality and multidimensional discrimination. The living situation of women with disabilities in Switzerland is an important and under-discussed topic. I have therefore written an article for Agile that addresses the topics of ableism and sexism. I also give those affected tips on how to deal with ableism. To do this, I not only use my inclusion expertise, but also my own expertise as a woman with disabilities.

I wish you an exciting read!

Saphir Ben Dakon is slightly turned away from the camera. She laughs.The front cover of the field report

The front cover of the field report

Photographer: Louis Hosali