Project Work

To achieve great things, let's start small.

Saphir Ben Dakon on the phone. She is walking along a forest path with her face turned away from the camera. She is wearing a blue blouse and a matching blue trouser suit.Saphir Ben Dakon on the phone

Saphir Ben Dakon on the phone

Photographer: Manuel Castellote

In addition to patience, innovative approaches are required to promote inclusion. A project often has to provide proof of impact. In order to achieve impact, a project must be designed with this focus in mind. The initial situation often involves many unknowns. Thanks to my many years of experience in associations and in inclusive project work, I can offer perspectives and create clarity.

My offer

Inclusive conception

  • Sparring in the conception of projects and in unexpected circumstances
  • Writing communication concepts and implementation
  • Assessment of the evaluation of projects

Inclusion focus areas

Inclusion is specialist expertise.

  • Work inclusion
  • Inclusive education
  • Women with and without disabilities
  • Disability in different cultural contexts
  • Self-determined life

Your benefit

Projects develop potential

  • You can exchange ideas with someone and gain an external perspective.
  • You gain external support and experience in the area of communication.
  • I will provide you with three perspectives on your projects: expertise from living with disabilities, inclusion expertise and communication expertise