Keynote and Expert Input

Disability is part of everyday life. Let's talk about it.

Saphir Ben Dakon gives a speech at the community forum. You can spot her on stage. She moves her arms and speaks. She is wearing a black sweater with white vertical stripes.Saphir Ben Dakon at the 2023 community forum

Saphir Ben Dakon at the 2023 community forum

Photographer: Samuel Schalch

Disability affects all areas of life. In order to create inclusive structures in organizations and provide services for the target group of people with disabilities, inclusion must not only be understood as an overarching concept, but also as a cross-cutting issue. People with specialist expertise should be able to understand, apply and ultimately live inclusion in their fields.

My offer

Out of motivation for inclusion.

  • Opening your conference in the role of an inclusion expert living with disabilites, motivating conference participants
  • Expert input on my focus topics at conferences, training courses and other events
  • Assistance with the organization of events

Inclusion focus areas

Inclusion is specialist expertise.

  • Work inclusion
  • Inclusive education
  • Women with disabilities
  • Disability in different cultural contexts
  • Self-determined life

Your benefit

Inclusion means communication.

  • The concept of inclusion becomes tangible in relation to your topic and your target group and the audience receives concrete food for thought
  • Depending on your wishes and input, you will receive concrete fields of action to think further on the topic
  • I will provide you with three perspectives to take with you on your journey: expertise from living with disabilities, inclusion expertise and communication expertise