Inclusive Communication

Inclusion is not part of everyday life. Let's make it commonplace in communication.

The slide from an input on ableism is titled: A question of terms - disability, ableism and hostility towards persons with disabilities. It is designed in the branding color blue with the Saphir logo.Slide from an input on Ableism

Slide from an input on Ableism

Changing the way we communicate requires a clear understanding of language as a system and the resulting rhetoric in society. With this foundation, we are able to assess the influence of these conditions on individuals and organizations and counteract them. On this basis, the understanding of people with disabilities as stakeholders and target groups can be promoted. Through knowledge of the recipients, inclusive messages on accessible channels are a matter of implementation.

My offer

From experience as a sender and receiver

  • Introduction to ableism-free communication by contextualizing terms such as "disability/s*, "ableism" and "Hostility towards the disabled"
  • Checking your means and channels of communication for ableist statements in text and images and presenting alternative messages
  • Sensitizing individuals and teams to ableist language and rhetoric and inclusion training
  • Contextualization of barrier-free communication and definition of improvement measures

My approach

Message Matters

I see potential for improvement in inclusive communication as part of a change process. It is therefore important to me to understand the overall context. Because only what works in an integrated way will be realized in practice. I usually start as follows:

  1. Introducing the topic and placing the development and use of the central concepts in different contexts
  2. Practical positive and negative examples in texts and images
  3. Recommendations for action on how such stumbling blocks can be prevented

In further steps, we would look together at your means and channels of communication and define fields of action in the context of your project or organization.

Of course, a different approach is possible. I would be happy to discuss your project with you individually.

Your benefit

Inclusion means action

  • The concept of inclusion becomes tangible for you and/or your employees in terms of language and communication
  • You receive concrete fields of action to plan the next steps
  • I will provide you with three perspectives: expertise from living with disabilities, inclusion expertise and communication expertise
  • I am also happy to accompany you further in the process and refer you to my network as required