Panels and Reflection

People need space. Inclusion makes space usable.

We need time and space to familiarize ourselves in depth with equality issues and make them accessable for ourselves and our organizations. It is important to me to create such an inclusive space in order to promote organizational and social discourse around disabilities.

My offer

The shortest connection between people is inclusion.

  • Participation in expert panels on inclusion topics
  • Moderating panels
  • Age- and context-appropriate lessons for school classes with the aim of raising awareness
  • Articles in specialist magazines and blogs on my specialist and inclusion focuses

Inclusion focus areas

Inclusion is specialist expertise.

  • Working inclusion
  • Inclusive education
  • Women with disabilities
  • Disability in different cultural contexts
  • Self-determined life

Specialist focus areas

  • Intercultural communication
  • Integrated communication
  • Inclusion
  • Project Management
  • Concept development

Your benefit

  • The concept of inclusion becomes tangible in relation to your topic and your target group
  • Readers and listeners receive answers to questions that they cannot ask in their everyday lives (safe spaces)
  • I will provide you with three perspectives to take with you on your journey: expertise from living with disabilities, inclusion expertise and communication expertise